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Slimsoft 0,20/0,25 ultra flexible, new generation laminates


SLIMSOFT 0,20/0,25 Ultra flexible laminate new generation laminate

Ultra flexible new generation laminate is ideal for membrane presses and for wrapping machines and plain surfaces.

Description and use.

Slimsoft is used with the single or double components membrane presses’ adhesives. At the wrapping machines is used with poliolefin or nature active pur adhesives. It is ideal material for door frames, moulds and door wings.

Slimsoft completes the La-con range of “ultra-flexible” laminates with a product that is from 0,20 mm up to 0,25 mm thick, designed to conceal the typical imperfections of chipboard or plywood panels when finishing interior doors and frames. Use with polyurethane adhesive is recommended. Compatibility with APAO or EVA type adhesives have to be priory tested.


Slimsoft laminate can be applied over tight bend angles. It can also be applied to door panels using a membrane press

SLIMSOFT 0,20/0,25 mm Laminate Technical Data

Standard height (mm)


Thickness (mm)


Height  tolerance  (mm)

-0/+5 mm

Length (m)

400 ÷800

Length tolerance (%)


Max diameter of roll (mm)


Max weight of roll (kg)


Sizes and tolerance.

The laminate is rolled on a 152 mm cardboard inner core. Max 3 joints are allowed in the length of the roll every 1000 m.




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